Modeling Romanians’ Level Of Life Satisfaction

PhD Candidate Roxana-Otilia-Sonia Hriţcu
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University – Iaşi


As a multi-dimensional indicator that captures the quality of life and wellbeing, the level of life satisfaction is very important for designing future policy The present analysis will focus on the study of life satisfaction based on the Romanian respondents’ opinions and feelings about family life, work and society. We will look at the influence of several factors on the level of life satisfaction: quality of life, financial situation of the individual, position in society, life in different regions of Romania. The data used in our analysis is selected from the Eurobarometer survey responses. The Eurobarometer is a survey organized and launched periodically by the European Commission and it was designed to help understand various dimensions of the social, economic and political strategies, as well as future EU policies.

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Romanian Statistical Review 6/2012