Methods and procedures for data adjustment, based on chronological series used in the analysis of development trend for various social – economic domains

PhD Professor Constantin Anghelache
Artifex University – Bucharest / Academy of Economic Studies – Bucharest
PhD Professor Gabriela-Victoria Anghelache
Academy of Economic Studies – Bucharest
PhD Lecturer Florin Paul Costel Lilea
Artifex University – Bucharest
PhD Candidate Andreea Gabriela Baltac
Academy of Economic Studies – Bucharest


By specific methods, statistics studies including the tendency of development, designed by the specific literature as the trend and, meantime, by trying to separate the influence of the major factors (with a systematic action), from the influence of the casual factors, which involve deviations between the empirical and theoretical terms. To the extent the casual factors influence is stronger, the degree of variation from one to another unit of time is higher and the line (curve) of tendency is more difficult to identify.
Practically, by the adjustment operation, calculated chronological series are achieved, by emphasizing the development trend, replacing the empirical series.

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Romanian Statistical Review 8/2012