Managerial Decision in Innovative Education Systems Statistical Survey Based on Sample Theory

PhD Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Săvoiu
Piteşti University, Romania
PhD Mariana Vladu
Tiraspol University, Moldova


Before formulating the statistical hypotheses and the econometric testing itself, a breakdown of some of the technical issues is required, which are related to managerial decision in innovative educational systems, the educational managerial phenomenon tested through statistical and mathematical methods, respectively the significant difference in perceiving the current qualities, knowledge, experience, behaviour and desirable health, obtained through a questionnaire applied to a stratified population at the end, in the educational environment, either with educational activities, or with simultaneously managerial and educational activities. The details having to do with research focused on the survey theory, turning into a working tool the questionnaires and statistical data that are processed from those questionnaires, are summarized below.

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Romanian Statistical Review 11/2012