Informal Sector on Labour Market

PhD Candidate Silvia Pisică


The informal sector is omnipresent, existing in the market economies and centrally planned economies in both the developing and developed ones. The sector achieved results that run the economy and engage workers who work, earn income and consume. Knowledge of this segment and its measurement is of particular importance in terms of economic science. This requires first drawing a conceptual framework that provides a historical approach and theoretical point of view of the economy and informal employment, and a discussion on the latest concepts designed to capture the “informality” in the economy.
Two concepts were adopted: the employment in informal sector and the informal employment – that complement each other (Concepts adopted by the International Conferences of Labour Statisticians in 1993 and 2003). According to first concept the definitions was done in terms of characteristics of the production units in which the activities take place, while according to the second concept, in terms of the characteristics of the persons involved or of their jobs.

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Romanian Statistical Review 5/2011