Concept Of Information Society Management. Assure the Statistical Data and Information Dissemination Of Official Statistics

Ioan B. Gâlceavă
Grigore Grama
Societatea Română de Statistică

The author, Ph.D engineer Nicolae Costake (ex director of Computer Center during 1970-1982) presented an important communication as a matter of fact a Project for a relatively new topic.
Out of the introduction and a brief presentation of actual steps, we underline the following: “(…) Human society passes through a complex crisis, whose solve involves new models and steps.(…) Romania provides examples of lower quality in human behavior within several fields(…)”.
The author refers to specialized literature, few books (recent publications) out of which results: disindustrialisation, imports on debt, humanity of the XXI century, a multilateral analysis of global problems, economic situation in continuous crisis, other aspects.

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Romanian Statistical Review 2/2013