Barriers in Implementation of E-Business Technologies in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan

Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed
University of Sindh-Pakistan
Assistant Professor Faiz M. Shaikh


The current research investigates the Barriers in implementation of E-Business Technologies in Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan. Data were collected from 2000 respondents by using simple random technique. A structural questionnaire was developed for the data collection and reliability and validity of data. It was revealed that most of the SMEs business owners are not familiar in using internet and in many cases they are not computer literate. It was further revealed that Government should provide some basic computer training to the Small and Medium Enterprises so they will able to use computer. The proper implementation of E-Business technologies in SMEs in Pakistan, Government and other related agencies can initiate E-Business in SMEs to achieve competitive edge.

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Romanian Statistical Review 4/2012