An Original Econometric Model Of FDI In Romania

PhD Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Săvoiu
PhD Lecturer  Suzana Popa
Piteşti University


The central theme of this paper is, as the title itself shows, the econometric modelling of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), based on the concept Euromoney’ s country risk rating. This article contains three sections, the first part or the introduction is an approach of investment risk and, in particular, introduces a new element in modelling investment, namely country risk rating. Thus, a bridge is created towards the second section, which essentially deals with the econometric modelling of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Romania, after 1996, based on Euromoney’ s data (ECR). The originality of this paper is underlined by the presence of a final model which includes, as an exogenous variable, country risk rating in assessing the FDI share of GDP as an endogenous variable. A final remark comments, from an economic perspective, the results of the econometric modelling.

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2012