Activity “Dissemination of Romanian Statistical Information, in direct contact with users of statistical data and information

Cristina Sacală

Activity “Dissemination of Romanian statistical information” is a department that ensures a permanent contact between the National Institute of Statistics and users of statistical data and information. The powers that it has, activity “Dissemination Romanian statistical information” delivers against fee, statistical data and information in statistical databases, respecting protection and confidentiality. It also has the task of editing activity fee, publications, other than those included in the annual national statistical program, at the request of data users. One of the most important activities of this direction is editing “Romanian Statistical Review”, the only publication in the field, academic journal, recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education, which included it in B+ Categories. Finally, this department delivers against payment, statistical publications on paper or electronically to interested beneficiaries.

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Romanian Statistical Review 7/2012