A Continuing Approach, from Financial Economics to Financial Econometrics or the Econometric Thinking Applied to Financial Economics

PhD Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Săvoiu
PhD Senior Lecturer Constantin Manea
Piteşti University


The main aim of this paper is to attempt a theoretical delineation of a new econoscience now known as financial econometrics, which is as a result of a dual approach, one originally from economics to econometrics, followed by another one, articulate, from financial economics to financial econometrics, both purely theoretical, simultaneously stressing the importance of economic and financial modelling, historically detailing the emergence and development of this new econoscience, outlining its subject and objectives, and describing some of the most commonly used methods and models, while noting the presence of increasingly sharp competition of econophysics, sociophysics and economy quantum, in the universe of modelling the processes and phenomena in classical economics and financial economics.

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Romanian Statistical Review 3/2013