The consumption of wine: a analysis of market conducted in Sicily

Maurizio Lanfranchi
Carlo Giannetto
University of Messina, Italy


The methodology used in conducting the research project was of a quantitative and random kind. Random surveying refers to the identification of the prominent factors, from which consumers’ purchasing behavior derives. In order to carry out the research a motivational survey was conducted using a methodology of seeking opinions through answers to a questionnaire. As a first step members of the research team designed and developed the research hypothesis, identified the questions to be asked in the survey and drew up the questionnaire to be given to the sample of consumers. The tool used for processing data consisted of the creation of a double entry table and estimation of the log-likelihood ratio test with relative p-value. The fixed level of significance for the overall statistical analysis was α= 0,05. The log-likelihood ratio test, referred to in statistics literature as the G test, was used to evaluate the association between the two qualitative variables.

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Romanian Statistical Review 11/2013