Statistical evaluation of regional differences regarding passenger cars fleet concentration from Romania, in 2007-2012

PhD Candidate Claudiu Ursu
Piteşti University
PhD Alina Moroşanu
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi


The aim of this research work is to evaluate the concentration of passenger cars fleet from Romania, by regions, in 2007–2012, to verify if there are significant regional differences in its distribution. To assess the concentration degree it is used the concentration ratio, considering the first three marks of passenger cars like importance, and for the analysis of regional differences and in time it is used the analysis of variance (ANOVA). The data are extracted from website with the help of an application created in Visual Fox program and are processed in the statistical program R. The results showed the tendency reduction of the weight of the first three marks of cars in passenger cars fleet, simultaneously with the increasing diversification of marks, at regional level being registered significant differences.

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Romanian Statistical Review 10/2013