Romanian Statistical Review 7/2013

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Fundamental Principles Of Official Statistics, Endorsed Recently at Global Political Level
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Modeling the Volatility Of the BET-FI Index
PhD  Dan Ion Gherguţ
„Titu Maiorescu” University – Bucharest
PhD Bogdan Oancea
„Nicolae Titulescu” University – Bucharest
PhD Claudia Căpăţînă
Hyperion University – Bucharest
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A Barometer Of Entrepreneurial Dynamics Above The Crisis
PhD Senior Lecturer Irina M. Drăgan, PhD Professor Alexandru Isaic-Maniu
Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
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From the Index Numers’ Method to the Method Of Coefficient Of Elasticity
PhD Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Săvoiu
Piteşt University
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The Correlation Between Gross Domestic Product and Unemployment in Romania  Starting with 1995
PhD Lecturer Octavia – Maria Gibescu
University for Finance and Banking – Bucharest
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Personalitate de primă mărime a statisticii româneşti: Prof. univ. dr. docent Constantin Ionescu
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