Romanian Statistical Review 2/2013

Testing the Models Of Regional Specialization in Terms Of New Theories Of International Trade
Asist. univ.dr. Oana Ancuţa Stângaciu, Prof. univ dr. Eugenia Harja
„Vasile Alecsandri” University, Statistical Direction of Bacău County
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Investigating Macroeconomic Stability Using the Output Gap
PhD Professor Emilia Ţițan, PhD Vladimir Georgescu
Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
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The HR Challenges in Tourism Industry in Pakistan
Assistant Professor Faiz. M. Shaikh
Dr.Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed
Pro-Vice Chancellor-MBBS-Campus Dadu University of Sindh
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Concept Of Information Society Management. Assure the Statistical Data and Information  Dissemination Of Official Statistics
Ioan B. Gâlceavă, Grigore Grama
Societatea Română de Statistică
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