Romanian Statistical Review 10/2013

Statistical evaluation of regional differences regarding passenger cars fleet concentration from Romania, in 2007-2012
PhD Candidate Claudiu Ursu
Piteşti University
PhD Alina Moroşanu
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi
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Agricultural Market Crisis and Globalization – A Tool for Small Farms
PhD  Ionela Carmen Pirnea
Constantin Brâncoveanu University, Piteşti
PhD Professor Maurizio Lanfranchi, PhD Carlo Gianetto
University of Messina, Italy
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Growth, Development and Sustainability
Prof. univ. dr. Irina-Virginia Dragulanescu
University of Messina, Italy
Dr. Natalia Dragulanescu
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Analysis of dental caries using generalized linear and count regression models
Profesor dr. S. B. Javali M. Phil
USM-KLE International Medical School, Karnataka, India
Profesor dr. Parameshwar V. Pandit
Bangalore University
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