Revista Română de Statistică – Supliment 1/2015

The Population and the Labor Force Market
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE PhD
Prof. Radu Titus MARINESCU PhD
Diana Valentina SOARE PhD Student

The Investment Evolution in Romania
Adina Mihaela DINU PhD Student

Community Acquis. Deficiencies of the Legislative Harmonisation Process. Particular Focus on the Management as Cause of Incompliance
Bazil OGLINDĂ, Assistant Professor, LL.D.

Classification of Contracts according to the New Civil Code
Assoc. prof. Ioana Nely MILITARU, LL.D.

Evaluation of Corporate Governance Influence on Performance of roumanian Companies
Ph. D Professor Georgeta VINTILǍ
Ph.D.Student Floriniţa DUCA

The Linear Regression Model for setting up the Futures Price
Prof. Mario G.R. PAGLIACCI PhD
Prof. Janusz GRABARA PhD
Lecturer Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD
Cristina SACALĂ PhD Student
Vasile Lucian ANTON Master student

The Production Indices in Agriculture
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE PhD
Daniel DUMITRESCU PhD Student

Taxation of Income from Investments
Assoc. prof. dr. Raluca Andreea MIHALACHE

The Impact of Unemployment on Older Population in the North-East Region
Assoc. prof. Elena BUGUDUI PhD

Involvement of the Top Management in the Progess of the Organizational Culture of a Successful Company
Prof. Mircea UDRESCU PhD
Prof. Constantin CODERIE PhD
Associate Prof. Dan NASTASE PhD

The Markowitz Model
Lecturer Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL PhD
Cristina SACALĂ PhD Student
Iustina JURESCHI, Master student

Analysis of Tourist Traffic Indexes in Romania compared to Some Countries in Europe
Alina GHEORGHE PhD Student

Regionalization- an Actual Socio-economic Mega-trend
Cristian GHENA PhD Student

Dynamics of Labor Productivity. Law of marginally decreasing Productivity
Assoc. prof. Dragoş Gabriel MECU PhD

The Industrial Production Indices
Prof. Constantin ANGHELACHE PhD
Assoc. prof. Aurelian DIACONU PhD
Ligia PRODAN PhD Student

Estimation and Variance Decompositionin a Small-size DSGE Model

The Inflation (Consumer Price) Evolution
Lecturer Mădălina ANGHEL PhD

Multidimensional Data Approach for the Analysis of Turnover for Trade Companies
Lecturer Adrian ANICA-POPA PhD
Assoc. prof. Alexandru MANOLE PhD